Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twisted Vine Carved Walking Stick

Just put this very nice cherry-finished walking stick up for sale. It has a compass on top and other accessories. Hike in style while you look for ginseng! Click on picture above to see it in detail.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Drier year=higher prices?

Been a little drier this year. Will be interesting to see if the ginseng prices are a little higher than the last couple of years. If my area does not start getting some rain, the ginseng will be scarce by early-mid September.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Opening Day of Kentucky Ginseng Season Changed

The opening day for digging wild ginseng in Kentucky has been moved back from August 15th to September 1st. Ginseng dealers will be allowed to buy green ginseng starting Sept. 1st and dry ginseng Sept. 15th. This puts Kentucky more in line with other surrounding states. There are still many green berries that haven't fully matured on the plants in mid to late August. Very few berries would be red on the old opening day. While this will shorten the digging season, it should help the ginseng population. Less plants will be dug and more mature berries will be returned to the soil. One would think that it will also increase the price a bit since less will be dug.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make $30+ an Hour Digging Ginseng

Find out how to earn up to $30+ an hour digging ginseng. This new guide explains it all. It is full of top notch information you simply will not find anywhere else. It doesn't matter what level of ginseng hunting experience you have, this guide will help you find even more ginseng guaranteed. Click below to see it.

Ginseng Guide

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ginseng Secrets Exposed

I've titled the new guide "Ginseng Secrets Exposed". It is officially finished and up for sale on the new website Ginseng Secrets Exposed.

It is 10 chapters and almost 50 pages of great information. I can guarantee that these techniques will help everyone find more ginseng. I really believe the guide is that good. Anyway, if you want to see what it is about just go to the website and check it out. Lot more details there. Also, you can download the first chapter for free if you want. When you go to leave a popup should appear, just enter your name and email and you can download the first chapter. The first chapter is mainly just for beginners and novices to ginseng hunting, though. BTW I know popups are annoying, but I chose this one because you don't even have to close it or anything. When you go to click "back" on your browser it pops up, but if you go ahead and click back or home or whatever it goes on to your homepage or whatever and the popup disappears.

BTW I'm only going to be selling the ginseng guide this cheap until around July 1st. I'll be raising the price then because of its value and the approaching ginseng season. It will still be a bargain then but it is an absolute steal right now.

Click Here to go take a look.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ginseng Guide Complete

I am excited. I have just finished writing a (Secrets to Finding More Ginseng) guide, complete with photos and screenshots, and converted it into PDF file. I believe it is a very high quality product full of information that is not available anywhere else online or offline for that matter. I have to build a website for it, but I hope to have it available for sale very soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sold My Ginseng Roots for 2008

Sold my roots the other day at $410 a pound dry. I found some more the last few days and just went ahead and sold it as green while I was at the dealers anyway. I made well over $30 an hour this year again.

I'm thinking about putting together a guide of some of the techniques I've been developing to find more ginseng. The ones I've came up with have easily doubled the amount of ginseng I've found this year. The one I mentioned a few weeks ago enabled me to find a LOT more that I would have never found without the idea I came up with. Some of the other techniques enabled me to dig twice as many roots as the people I dug with even though they spotted about the same amount of plants. One of them joked that I should write a book and sell it, which got me to thinking. If I can help other people find 25-100% more ginseng, then it would be well worth the price for the information.
So, I'm going to put together a guide and if I think the final work is high quality, I will offer it for sale on the internet.