Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Opening Day of Kentucky Ginseng Season Changed

The opening day for digging wild ginseng in Kentucky has been moved back from August 15th to September 1st. Ginseng dealers will be allowed to buy green ginseng starting Sept. 1st and dry ginseng Sept. 15th. This puts Kentucky more in line with other surrounding states. There are still many green berries that haven't fully matured on the plants in mid to late August. Very few berries would be red on the old opening day. While this will shorten the digging season, it should help the ginseng population. Less plants will be dug and more mature berries will be returned to the soil. One would think that it will also increase the price a bit since less will be dug.


joshuakemp1 said...

Have you ever heard of anyone using a dog to help them find ginseng by scent?..... If so does it work?....any thoughts. Josh

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